Sweden needs fiber networks that are built in a robust way. Robust fiber is an industry-wide concept designed to provide clear guidance to those who want to build or procure robust and reliable fiber networks.

So far, there has been no established standard for how a network should be placed to be robust and reliable. The Robust fiber concept, which includes a large number of telecom and telecom operators, as well as the National Post and Telecom Agency, was created to help the person who works to order, build or inspect fiber networks.

The concept has developed instructions that are intended to assist in the construction of fiber. The instructions describe a number of points in, for example, design, placement methods in different landscape conditions, material choices, robust nodes, collaborative methods and documentation routines.

The instructions describe the minimum requirements that apply when planning, projecting, locating, documenting and inspecting fiber networks.

The concept also works to raise the level of competence about robust fiber plants in companies in the industry. There is therefore a possibility for companies to certify their activities as well as to surveyors and hire to undergo training. More information about these can be found on robustfiber.se.

Representatives from the following players are in the Robust Fiber Management Council:

The Post and Telecom Agency, Bredbandsforum, EkoT Konsult, Eltel Networks Infranet,
Iftac, IP-Only, the Swedish Agriculture Agency, NSI (Nordisk Service & Installation AB),
Roland Gustavsson Excavators AB, Skanova, Stadsnätsföreningen, Sweden’s municipalities and county councils.