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Build Robust fibre networks

Does your fiber network meet the requirements of today and the future digital transformation?


17 August 17, 2020
We are now launching a new version of Robust fiber called v1.3.2. To see what has changed, see Amendments.


Instructions Robust fiber v1.3.2

Sweden needs fiber networks that are built in a robust way. Robust fiber is an industry-wide concept with the aim of providing clear guidance to those who want to build or procure robust and reliable fiber networks.
The concept has produced instructions that are intended to function as an aid in laying fiber networks. The instructions describe a number of elements within, for example, placement methods in different soil conditions, material selection, requirements for building robust nodes, co-placement and documentation routines.
In the instructions for Robust fiber, you will also find an overview of the implementation process from the time you start planning the installation of the plant until it is in operation.
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